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Euler Rachid

Samsung R&D Brazil Lab
Senior Software Developer
Euler Rachid is currently senior software developer of SIDI a division of Samsung R&D Brazil Lab. He has worked on development for Android devices since 2008. He started working on application layer. In 2010, he was hired by SIDI where he started working on device management (OMA standard) project and then moved to proprietary device management solution where he developed code for Android Framework. After he had been involved in others projects developing applications, he has started working in Middleware layer since late 2012, passing for many challenges last year. Mr. Euler was graduated at UFMG as Electrical Engineer in 2001 and at UNICAMP as Master in Electrical Engineer in 2004. Then, he did a software engineer specialization course at UNICAMP in 2007. He is also a Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 since 2009.

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